Our Mission

Cancer is curable and survivable, but even the best medical care can’t help if you can’t get to it.  We believe that as a community, we can help people with cancer get the treatment they need by simply getting them there.

Transportation to and from medical appointments and treatment is often overlooked in health care.  With cancer, skipping treatments makes fighting the disease even more difficult.  The B.A.C. Cancer Transportation Fund was created to cover patients’ transportation expenses for those that would otherwise miss treatment entirely. We continue to stay true to our Founder’s generous nature, ensuring 100% of the proceeds raised go towards the fund.

Our Founder, Barbara A. Colameco

Family was Barbara Colameco’s first priority. Supporting them in all that they did was her passion.  She never missed her kids’ sporting games and was usually the loudest one in the stands cheering the whole team on.  Her friends were family, too – she was everyone’s “aunt,” “sister,” “mom” – and always had kind and encouraging words for them.  Loving and supporting her “family” was her life.

In 2007, Barb was diagnosed with breast cancer and quickly began treatment.  Over the next several years, she adopted her fellow chemotherapy patients as part of her “family”.  She cared for, encouraged, and looked out for them despite fighting her own cancer battle.

Barb quickly noticed some of her new “family” members were not returning for their appointments.  When she inquired why, she learned that many were not as fortunate as she was – they did not have “family” that could drop everything to drive them to treatment.  They could not miss work, they could not afford a cab, they were very tired from chemotherapy.  She realized they were alone and lacked support from the community.

Barbara now had another “family” that needed her, and she was determined to do something about it.  The result was the B.A.C. Cancer Transportation Fund, founded in 2008 by Barbara, her husband Lou, and Barbara’s doctor, Dr. Rene Rubin.

Barbara was blessed to be able to be a part of creating the Fund and to see its impact.  She will be remembered by all for her love of family, her passion, her selflessness, and her kind and generous spirit.

Together we can support those that may not have “family” that can support them.