About Us

The Barbara A. Colameco Cancer Transportation Fund was founded in 2008 when Barbara was undergoing treatment and noticed patients were not returning for their appointments because they did not have a ride or because they could not afford the expenses of public transportation. Because Barb was truly a generous, caring women, she wanted to do something to help those who needed it, so with the help of husband, Lou, they created the fund. Transportation expenses are often overlooked and make fighting this disease that much harder to overcome. 100% of the proceeds raised go towards the fund, which goes to the expenses of transportation, and other accommodations.

In 2009, we announced our first Annual Walk to Wellness, where donations were raised to grow the fund. Barbara was blessed to walk in support of this fight and to see her mission through. In March 2010, Barbara lost her three year fight to breast cancer, and in memory of her spirit, Wellshire continued the B.A.C. Walk to Wellness.

All donations raised are from local businesses and local people.

Monetary funds raised to date: over $683,982

Thank you for your continued support!

We are a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization. Please click here more information.