Barbara Colameco was a kind, generous, and selfless person.  She always put others before herself and cared deeply about everyone’s well-being.  Even years of arduous breast cancer treatment could not break her spirit – she wasted little time thinking of herself.

True to her nature, Barb became friendly with her fellow patients.  Concerned when she noticed some were not returning for their appointments, she inquired why and found out that many did not have or could not afford transportation to get to treatment.

“She said, ‘Lou, people aren’t coming back to get their chemo because they don’t have a ride,’ ” her husband recalled, and the needs of others was motivation enough for her to do something about it, even despite her weakened condition. The result was the B.A.C. Cancer Transportation Fund, founded in 2008 by Barbara, her husband Louis B. Colameco, III, and Barbara’s doctor, Dr. Rene Rubin of Hahnemann Hospital.

Transportation to and from appointments and treatment is often overlooked in health care.  And with cancer, skipping treatments makes fighting the disease even more difficult.  The B.A.C. Cancer Transportation Fund was created to cover patients’ transportation expenses and has grown to include helping with co-pays, medicine, and lab tests, and to purchase massage chairs to make chemo treatment more comfortable. And true to Barb’s generous nature,

100% of the proceeds raised go towards the fund.

Barbara was blessed to be able to be a part of creating the Fund and to see its impact.  She will be remembered by all for her beauty, her light, her selflessness, and her kind and generous spirit.