Pig Roast Weekend

Pig Roast weekend began in summer of 1997 when Lou and Barb decided to have a small outdoor party at their home for family, friends, and business associates. They decided on a small intimate crowd that they knew would enjoy good food and good fun. They also decided that the main menu choice would be a whole roasted pig for everyone to enjoy. As Lou and Barb's start-up company, Wellshire Farms, began to grow and prosper, so did the intimate circle of people invited. Over the years, hundreds of adults and children have come to look forward to Lou and Barbara’s annual Pig Roast. Friends, family, and business associates arrive from all over the United States, and sometimes outside of the United States to attend. Once the BAC fund was founded, this event became the perfect means for fundraising for our mission. At this time, we have raised over $200,000. The Pig Roast will remain a celebration in honor of Barbara and the fond memories shared with her.


At our annual Pig Roast Dr. Rene Rubin presented patient testimonials from patients who the fund has supported over the years.